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Washboard  Large Size


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U$S 250

Washboard Large Size

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    Dark wood + U$S 0

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    Clear wood + U$S 0

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  • buy washboard musical instrument percussion table de lavar tabua

    Front Design 1 + U$S 0

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    Front Design 2 + U$S 0

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    Front Design 3 + U$S 0

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    Front Design 4 + U$S 0

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    Personalized + U$S 20

Accessories chosen

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    WoodBlock + U$S 50

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    High bugle + U$S 30

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    Bass bugle + U$S 40

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    Steel Mug Bongo + U$S 30

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    Pumpkin Bongo + U$S 40

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    6 inch Cymbal + U$S 60

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    Tambourine + U$S 50

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    Desk bell ring + U$S 30

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    Tin can bongo + U$S 25

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    Cowbell + U$S 80

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    HIHAT Cymbal + U$S 140

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    Jingle Bells + U$S 50


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    8 Thimbles included + U$S 0

The accessories attachment place may have slight variations with respect to the images published here just as a reference. 

The accessories are easily removable and it is possible interchange its attachment place on the washboard and design the more comfortable way for playing.

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Washboard  Large Size


includes thimbles, adjustable strap and thimbles  space storage

hand-made by artisan and luthier

Height 23,50 inch (60 cm)
Width 13,50 inch (34 cm)

can hold up to 11 accessories
Rated 5 out of 5

Average rating from 20 reviews
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Washboard  Large Size

Each washboard includes 8 thimbles, adjustable strap and thimbles space storage.

The sound emitted by the metal sheet is the same for both sizes of washboard because of distance between the ridges of the waves is equal for both sizes.

"Large" size measurements: Height 23,50 inch (60 cm) Width 13,50 inch (34 cm)

Metal Sheet: "Large" size contains 28 waves (56 folds). The distance between the crests of the waves is 10 mm, which gives it better sonority since it receives several hits from the thimbles for each DRAG movement ↑↓

Large size can hold up to 11 accessories.

Wood: we use the best woods, light, refined and resistant.

All the wood pieces are joined by internal joints, vinyl glue and nails hidden from view. All four sides of the metal sheet are embedded in the wood.

Hand polished finish wood that is water and moisture resistant.

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All products must be returned within your 30-days.  Your 30-days begins on the date your product was delivered.

Washboard muѕt be in brаnd nеw, original соnditiоn аnd show nо ѕignѕ of had been wеаrd or used.

Washboard must also include all original packaging, accessories and hardware that were included with the original purchase.

Accessories and their supports (hardware) must be in brand new, original condition and show no signs of wear or use.

Buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges unless the merchandise arrived damaged due to shipping company.

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